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About Us

Why professional Dance Instruction for your Child?

Dance lessons for your child mean more than learning steps.  A competent, conscientious dance teacher will put special emphasis on the physical and mental development of the child, at the same time stressing other important advantages.

Dance is definitely planned to build a strong, sound, and healthy body with emphasis on the posture, grace and poise.  A child who dances develops rhythmic coordination, self confidence and appreciation of music and culture.

Sande Mule` Dance Academy

Sande Mule` Dance Academy offers comprehensive programs in all dance disciplines.  Sande, along with her excellent professional teaching staff of highly qualified instruction, strive to create an atmosphere where young dances can realize their full potential.  This commitment to quality dance training has enabled Sande Mule' Dance Academy to be recognized as on of Bucks County ’s finest dance studios.

Sande incorporates her immensely diversified background of theater, dance and music in her teaching technique.  Because of her expertise, this marvelous technique has been instilled in her students throughout the years.

Sande has been a member of Dance Masters of America and Dance Educators of America; both are organizations whit test and qualify teachers to teach.  She is now a member of the Professional Dance Teacher’s Association and on continuing basis attends dance conventions throughout the US to advance her abilities.

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