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Must be 3 by December and be Potty Trained. A tremendous aid in school preparedness, dance instruction during the formative years better equips a child physically for any later type of activity than almost any other kind of training. Preschool classes help develop individual personalities, a sense of rhythm, feeling of movement, coordination, group participation, and taking direction.

Pointe shoes will only be offered to advance students with 6 or more years of ballet training and only by their teacher’s recommendation.

Through the classic art of ballet, your child will develop grace, coordination, poise, a disciplines control of the body, an appreciation for music and art, and a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Emphasis is places on proper technique, posture, and body position.

All students are REQUIRED to take ballet along with any other form of dance.

It provides the foundation necessary to pursue jazz, tap, gymnastics, and even sports.

This beautiful contemporary dance form incorporates Jazz, Ballet, and Modern Techniques while maintaining classical line and movement.

Emphasizing freedom of movement and creative self expression, fast moving jazz is a great aid in achieving physical fitness. Jazz originate in America and is most popular on television and stage. It exercises the whole body and teaches coordination.


The ultimate fun and fitness. An evolving combination of rhythmic isolation, jumps, and turns done to current music and pop sensations. To strengthen the body along with stretches and isolation.

Designed to develop rhythm, coordination, balance, and agility our fast moving tap classes are enjoyed by both boys and girls.

Musical Theatre:
Learning and exploring dance combination and songs from your favorite Broadway shows and movies. Builds confidence, improves language skills, imagination and stage presence. 

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